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George Floyd ....Don't put your KNEE on ME....

Mike and Aleeya 2014

Mike and Aleeya 2014

Fashionetta 2014, I had to pull double duty as Dad and PictureMan. Aleeya is now attending Kansas University's Master of Architecture Program. I am so proud of her.
Aleeya Kinards message...
I can only describe my father as being someone who is dedicated whole heartily to producing an outcome, based on facts, promise, and principle. He is understanding and strong willed, making sure that no one is left by the way side on his watch, no stone is left unturned, and no strategy is left unconsidered. He has the great ability of being a critical thinker matched with unwavering charisma and passion. This alone has had a great impact on myself and my ability to contribute and get involved in my community and academic peers. He has been a great example of how I can help maximize the potential of others and encourage them by utilizing my own strengths.